Invacare Toileting Sling, Large

The fully padded design on the toileting sling support the back and offers under-thigh comfort. Use with the Invacare Reliant 450, 600 Lifts or Invacare I-Lift Series Lift. User must have full head and neck control.

  • Easy to place and move in a bed or chair situation
  • Polyester fabric can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Brushed lining helps prevent sliding and protects skin
  • Sling is washable. See instructions on sling label.
  • Color coded positioning straps help align sling properly on hanger bar

Style: Size: Large
Material: Polyester, Nylon
Color: Blue, Green Binding
Overall Length: 37″
Overall Width: 36″
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.


Call for Pricing: (904) 387-4481

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